An excellent design, look, flexibility, durability and performance will bring you dependability, safety, security, and enjoyment to any outdoor environment.

When choosing a type and location for any type of flood lights, pay close attention to the environment they are to be installed in. A flood light must fully embrace the area which is to be lit with just enough light. To install a light with an extremely high wattage can create light pollution. Light trespass is another possibility if the chosen LED light is not installed properly or not even selected properly for the desired location. Wildlife can get affected negatively with the improper use of flood lights as well. Animals, insects, and birds can be misdirected or hurt if they catch a glimpse of excessive lighting within their habitat.

Kastor Energy has the products and proficiency of offering you the highest quality LED flood lights made for outdoor locations that are user-friendly and environmentally-friendly.


LED Board Light

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LED Mast Light

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LED Mini Flood Light


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