Did you know more than 70% of your energy cost in the warehouse area is related to your lighting alone? with today’s technology you could reduce the cost by more than 50%. You could even add different options to your lighting for further cost savings. By selecting high quality products, you will save not only on the wasted cost of energy, but also on maintenance costs, and yet provide your employees with a healthier light. The team at Kastor Energy will direct you toward a better lighting solution in areas which have difficult access.

For warehouse lighting, people don’t focus on the light only, but also consider the most suitable solutions for their warehouse applications. Energy-saving, low maintenance cost, excellent performance, safety, long lifespan and flexibility are the main concerns. Because the right lighting solution can save 50%-90% of your warehouse energy bills by improving the lighting efficiency and adopting smarter solutions such as motion sensor, daylight sensor, etc. Making the lighting system be efficient and cost-effective is critical.

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