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Give us a call for more info on any of our products or for a sample request. 604-320-0005 or toll-free 1-844-992-8725.

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Visit our showroom at 489 Mountain Hwy, North Vancouver, B.C or call us to request a sample viewing.


We guarantee our products to be free of defects for five years. If anything goes wrong, give us a call. We’ll handle it.


We are proud to offer free shipping on every order, no matter what size. We love that our customers trust us with their LED lighting needs, so we think that free shipping is the least we can do.


Why are Kastor's LED lights the best in the market?

We stand by our products. Everything we provide has been quality tested during and after production. We would hate to provide a product which does not exceed our expectations and we have high standards.

What kind of LED lights do you provide?

We sell LED lighting for any residential or commercial project. Some areas we cover (but not limited to) are: parking lots, warehouses, retail stores, homes, sports facilities, schools, apartment buildings, and more.

How can I find out the prices for your products?

Give us a call at 604-320-0005 or toll-free 1-844-992-8725. You can email us at and we’ll provide you a quote for any product requested. We’ll have to request some basic project info in order to provide you with a detailed quote.

Is warranty needed with your products?

We really don’t think you’ll require it – our lights are guaranteed to last the listed hours (or years) as specified within their respective specification sheets. But as we all know strange things do happen, so we guarantee a three to five-year limited warranty (depending on the product). If there is anything wrong with the light then we will exchange it gladly.

Do you deliver to different provinces within Canada?

Yes, we can deliver to any province within Canada. We currently do not provide to any other location outside of Canada.

489 Mountain Highway
North Vancouver, B.C V7J 2L3 Canada

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