To provide all of KASTOR’s clients with energy efficient products made for any project within the commercial and industrial areas in order to enable these projects with as much energy efficiency as possible through safe, unique, and durable products.


Commitment to keeping all our respected employees and clients satisfied 100%.


Commitment to providing all our clients up-to-date on orders and excellent customer service to boot.


Our processes will be as sustainable as possible to set a positive example for all stakeholders and for the betterment of the future. Our organization must recycle and reuse our current processes, such as our products and packaging made up of recycled material. One of our goals is to become paperless by 2016, eliminating the process of printing paper.



To become the leading trade company across the globe for all energy efficient products and solutions with a lean business structure and healthy organization. We will commit to energy efficiency within our own organization’s processes and a strong growing commitment to the environment locally and globally.

Kastor is partnered with suppliers from across the globe who follow the three S’s which are the core of the brand: Sustainability, Satisfaction, and Service. Not only do we provide high quality products, but we also attain products from suppliers who have the same eco-friendly ideology as ours. We care for the environment and do not cause any harm directly or indirectly to any person or element involved in the process of manufacturing our products. Satisfaction of all our employees, suppliers, and clients is of huge importance to us. Service will always be kept at the highest standard, all clients are to be happy with the product and guidance they receive when purchasing any Kastor product; Clients will remain up to date with the latest product/company news and prices.

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For more information on our LED lights, services, projects, or promotions please contact us via email or phone below. Please allow us 24-48 hours to respond to your inquiry.