An LED Lesson: Colour Temperature

Let’s define colour temperature, shall we?

It is a measurement which shows how warm or cold the light output of a fixture is. Kelvin is the unit of measurement. Here’s the simple rule: The more yellow the colour temperature of an LED light then the warmer it is and thus lower in Kelvin.

For instance; an incandescent light has a typical 2700 K and it is considered a yellow light, while most florescent tubes are between 4000 to 5000 Kelvin which fits into brighter or whiter colour output.

The colour temperature of any LED is a significant decisive factor for any project or application. For any different project or application, we recommend certain colour temperatures which will present any space with the best output. For example, in residential projects, 3000K is suggested to be used while in commercial and industrial use 4000 and 5000K are more suitable.

Outdoor and indoor lighting should be separated for their respective applications. A good example of outdoor lighting is street lighting. While the older version such as HPS fixtures are in the yellow range, other fixtures using MH bulbs are in 5000K. In the LED world, we can arrange colours of 3500 to 4000K which provides better light output and friendlier colour to both human eyes and the outdoor environment.

Choosing the right colour in office or retail environments helps you to create a warm and welcoming area for both employees and clients. Stay on the lookout for our upcoming blog about retail lighting and find out what type of lighting is needed for numerous aspects of your store.

We at Kastor Energy, provide an excellent service in choosing a better-quality light where it is needed. Our professionalism goes beyond offering only the right colour temperature, but to make sure that you have the source of lighting that is a well-suited part of your design.

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