An LED Lesson: High Bay Lights

What is a high bay light? What characteristics should my high bay light have? Are all the high bay lights in the market the same? Are they all priced the same?

You will find answers to most of your questions in the next few paragraphs and future posts to come.

The source of light for many decades has been fluorescent or metal halide fixtures. Nowadays, LEDs provide tremendous efficiency with comparison to its counterparts. It provides a better quality of light, little to no maintenance, and no replacement of light source (bulb) for the life of fixtures and great savings on your hydro bill. Let’s go over three important points of high bay lights…

  • Now, the high bay is a light usually installed over seven meters of height. Any fixture installed four to six meters high is considered as low to medium bay. The height of installation is what gives the title of high bay to this specific LED fixture.
  • Are high bay lights all the same size or shape? Not at all. Within the fluorescents fixtures, they all come in rectangular shapes varying from four to eight feet of length. Metal halides are generally round but regardless of their physical shape, they work exactly like a flood light. In this aspect, LEDs are ahead of the game. But how you ask? The technology of LED allows for different types of light angles to be used even with different body structures (as needed for your project). They could vary from 50 to 120 degree beam angles which make them superior against others. This produces light more efficiently by directing light to the precise area which it is needed.
  • What about the price? With constant production of LED lights, they are not much more expensive than its predecessors. But amongst their own family of LED fixtures, the price is strongly based on the quality and options that every product offers. A high quality product will last for a long time while the cheap priced fixtures won’t provide you with the same life expectancy or maximum output required.

Next time, we will discuss ways to achieve the most out of your lighting project and budget and furthermore a solution for better lighting that provides the maximum efficiency for today and the future. Here’s a video presenting our most prized LED High Bay!

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All the info in this post has been accumulated by the team at Kastor Energy.

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