An LED Lesson: Quality vs. Price

Before you rush into purchasing new led fixtures, you should be informed about the latest designs, quality, and prices. While there are many questions to ask when purchasing new lighting, in this blog post we’ll get into the details. In order to purchase technical products, you must get yourself familiar with the product and the reason as to why you are purchasing said technical product.

If you are in the process of upgrading your lighting to a better, power-saving, reliable, and long-lasting version, you must find a proper replacement for the existing ones. This can save you on unnecessary electrical repair cost. For an example, we can talk about your down-lights. There are options of LED retrofit packages that can easily replace the trim and the bulb. Well, if you like your current trims then why not just change the bulb? Replacing the housing will cause for extra repair and costs which are not beneficial, unless if necessary by your certified electrician.

There are some occasions when people try to replace their current traditional fixture with an LED fixture of the same physical size. We don’t suggest this entirely. It is the application of the fixture which is significant, not the shape of a fixture unless it is what you truly desire. The design of lighting is a crucial part of your home decoration. Be sure that you are going to be happy with your decision for years to come. Remember to use the proper output of light according to what is needed, extra output is not beneficial.

Searching for the best product is what all consumers require, but the more important thing is the quality you receive of what you purchase. It is never in your best interest to buy a cheap product. The logic behind upgrades from the older generation of lighting to LED must be about the environmental impact, savings on energy, and the quality of light. Otherwise, the positive impact that you wanted to have on earth will never exist (it will even be worse) and the money that you pay for this transition will never come back to you.

Here’s an example to further explain the statement above: You pay $100 for an LED fixture and it saves you $20 per year. If it lasts only three years, you have lost $40. If you buy the same style of fixture with a better quality for $125 and it lasts 10 years with the same ratio of saving, you will see 75% saving over the cost of fixture and no need for repair or rebulbing for 10 years. If you are not using the light fixture on a regular basis, then it will last even longer.

Remember that your solution to solve an issue shouldn’t cause more problems. You require proper lighting which won’t degrade and will last for years to come. This is the main solution to your lighting requirement and price should be a follow-up thought.

We at Kastor Energy make certain that you have both quality and price for a happy result.  Like always, let us know if you have any questions or comments.

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