An LED Lesson: Retail Lighting

It’s time to discuss lighting for a specific application: Retail.

The right lighting that is dedicated to your shop, your products, branding and decoration give the chance to set the mood for your store.

First and most important is your general/regular store lighting, which covers most areas in the store. Visibility is very important plus the right colour temperature. General lighting does not require a high CRI since the higher colour rendering index (>90) is costlier and should be used only to light up certain products which show the display pieces’ true colours.

The second portion of lighting that should be focused on since it is the frontier line of sales, is our task lighting. Task lighting could be directed to your logos, products or other areas which require the attention of your walk-in clients. Task lighting is impertinent to branding purposes.

Thirdly, you may require decorative or accent lighting. It is a focused light that doesn’t make your client pay attention to the light source but the effect that it has on what is intended to highlight. This is an added bonus to creating a signature look for your store and making your brand more unique.

Utilizing different fixtures with a variety of colour temperatures, intensity, colour rendering indexes, or other characteristics require synergy and fusion; working together rather than against each other.

We at Kastor Energy can help you find and implement the best and proper LED lighting for your store. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a lighting solution!

Stay green and clean,

The LED Nerd

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