Confused About LED?

Shopping for LED lights is not so simple and we know it. There are a lot of factors to look into and sometimes it can be time consuming with all the back and forth you have to do between engineers, designers, clients, and more. There is also plenty of information to look into which makes each LED fixture unique. Some important factors would be:

  • Lumens
  • Color Temperature
  • Beam Angle
  • Extra Capabilities

It’s important to make sure you receive a products that is efficient, which is significant for any business. We want our hydro bills to remain as low as possible so that our funds are used on other important areas. Plus, an efficient LED fixture means it is working properly and produces sufficient and bright lighting. The color temperature for any business is just as important, choosing between 3000K, 4000K, or 5000K will help set the tone of your site. For instance, many restaurants opt for a 3000K which is a warm white color. Now, fixtures can illuminate any space in different ways. For the most part, many LED lights produce a flood effect, but that may not be the right type effect for your business. For instance, the angle between a round LED high bay and a linear LED strip is different, they shine light downwards but it is the direction in which they distribute the light which is important. Many auto shops desire  completely bright lighting so that shadows are minimal while working on the detailing of any car. Additional goodies for any LED light are motion sensors, photocell, installation brackets, glare shields, and more. Many garden lights require glare shields so that the LED light fixture focuses its light on the ground so that the pathway is lit up. Motion sensors are a perfect addition for extra energy savings especially in any parking lot where consumption is plenty.

The possibilities with LED lighting are endless and the savings are tremendous. If you are still unsure of the lighting you require for your project then don’t hesitate to contact the Kastor Energy team. We’re here to help and our LED lights are highly qualified for any job.

Keep the earth clean,

The LED Nerd.