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At Kastor we understand that remaining within budget is a core aspect for many businesses. We provide our energy efficient product solutions tailored to your needs, so this includes your budget as well. Sometimes it’s not so simple to make one large payment for an order of our products, especially when your business/project hasn’t received any returns yet. Well, we’ve got you covered because financing is now available through Atticus Financial Group. Clients can enjoy the benefits of updating or replacing their current lighting with month-to-month payments. This way you can lease the LED fixtures right up until the moment that they are yours – and it’s only a $10 buyout.

For good standing commercial credits, stratas, and/or municipal accounts we offer:

  • $0 down payment required
  • Flexible lease terms to suit cash flow requirements and energy savings forecast
  • The Pay as You Save program is a Lease to Own; title transfers for $10 at expiry
  • Positive cash flow throughout the term = Instant ROI
  • Simple approval process

We want smaller communities, businesses, and NGO’s to conquer energy savings with us and we hope that tailoring flexible lease terms can help. Everyone should be able to enjoy the positive effects of premium LED lighting, regardless of their budget.

Please contact us to discover more about our lease terms with Atticus Financial Group.

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