How does your leasing program work?

Very simple. Call us and we do the rest for you. There are a few steps to take before the upgrade takes effect and you will be involved in every part of the process.

Who do you recommend leasing LED lights for?

It’s simple for everyone.  Even though it fits the need of every business, we recommend leasing for those who have large scale projects to use this option or for those who think their cash could benefit their business in other ways.

Is leasing beneficial for me?

If you have a business and need to save on your monthly electrical bill, and don’t want to involve your company with a new investment, this option will work for you well.

Do I have to return my LED lights at the end of my lease?

No. there is a fee of $10.00 to own your equipment by the end of your lease term, regardless of your project’s value.

What can I expect the monthly payments to be set at?

We will set your payment to be equal or lesser than your monthly savings of your lighting portion of hydro bill. Some clients want shorter lease period, so they have slightly higher payment in order to make the lease term shorter. You are in control.

How long does it take to get approved?

Although each case is different, it usually takes between 24 to 48 hours to know the results.

Do I need to make a down payment?

No. There is no need for down payment but there are some cases that may require small fees and security deposit of first and last month to be paid up-front.

What will be the interest rate on my lease?

The interest rate depends on the credit rating of each organization. You will be notified ahead of time so you can make the right decision to go ahead with the procedure or not.

What are the warranty terms for leasing LED lights?

Every single fixture comes with 5 years warranty. The warranty applies for replacement of the product if found faulty. Please check our warranty page for details.

Does Kastor Energy do the installation?

Yes. We can provide you installation done by various electrical contractors. These contractors work on behalf of Kastor and you could give our suggestions and we will have the electricians to do exactly what you want, if possible. You will be notified for anything that needs your attention by the Kastor Energy team.

Does installation come with 5 years warranty?

No. installation has only one-year warranty and it does not cover any fault in the electrical system.

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