LED Retrofit At Its Finest

Hi, folks!

We’ve got a bit of ground to cover today – below I’ll have some images of a recent project the Kastor Energy team has worked on recently.

How clear does that parking lot look? As we all know by now, lighting makes a great difference in any location and we knew that this parking lot needed some work to be done. Look at the second image below to see how the lighting was before.

The lighting in this next image presents a dark and eery look to the parking lot. Poor lighting (especially traditional fluorescents) can consume lots of energy, but not only that it just doesn’t look appealing. The lighting is not evenly distributed as it is in the image above. The parking lot above is lit with 40 W and 60 W LED linear fixtures (with motion sensors) which are perfect for damp locations and water resistant as well (which means you don’t have to worry about washing your car underground).

We’ll be honest, it has not been fully proven that a well-lit area will actually be safer, but we can all agree that it does give us peace of mind. When has walking in a dark area ever felt 100% safe? Parking lots which have bright lighting can scare away thieves since they are more likely to be seen in person or possibly on camera.

The locker room above is lit with two LED 40W linear fixtures. When moving your stored goods into or out of your locker you need to be able to see to prevent tripping or breaking any of your valuables.

This project has been a great success and we are definitely glad to have been a part of it! The Kastor Energy team takes pride in providing quality service and quality products every time. No matter how simple or complex, your LED lighting retrofit is guaranteed to be in good hands.

Keep green,

The LED Nerd

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