Light Pollution: The Firefly Effect

We know that LED lighting a the best option for lighting out there today, but how can we make certain that it does not harm other wildlife, ecosystems, and even bugs? Fireflies are greatly impacted by our improper dispersion of light.

The paragraph below is by Fariss Samarrai, with information by the University of Virginia.

If a bug has ever had charisma, it’s a common eastern firefly, flitting in the night.

The males do a J-shaped dance while flashing their taillights, seeking the attention of females on the ground. If interested, the females smile back, in effect, flashing their own taillights. It’s a ritual of nature, and one of the most pleasant visual effects of a summer evening.

But studies indicate that fireflies may be decreasing in number, and scientists are asking why. One theory is that light pollution – human-made light – may be interfering with the insects’ courtship behavior, since they do it in the dark.

“It’s possible that the artificial extension of daylight into night from human development may be disrupting the dark/light cycles of fireflies and their behavior,” University of Virginia environmental sciences professor Kyle Haynes said.

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