Multi Residential LED Retrofit in Langley

Project Description:

Kastor Energy completed a LED retrofit residential project for Varsity C on 20068 Fraser Highway in Langley, B.C.

Project Details:

The goal of this project is to reduce energy consumption of the residential building by 50% or more. We guarantee hydro bill costs to drop drastically and this residential building’s carbon footprint will also drop as well.

The areas of the building which have been retrofitted are as follows: parking garage, parking garage entry, building walls outdoors, bike room, amenities room, hallways, mechanical rooms, building lobby, elevators, and more.

Project images:



Parking garage before LED lighting


After LED

Parking garage with LED lighting


Hallway Pre-LED

A photo of one of the hallways before the LED retrofit


Hallway After LED

A photo of one of the hallways after the LED retrofit

client feedback

“…Experts in their field.”

We confirm that we have dealt with Kastor Energy Ltd. from October 2016 through January 2017 during which time they provided a quote for service and followed up with said service regarding installation of LED lighting for our entire Condominium complex. Their work has been exemplar in that they delivered on time and on budget precisely what was proposed and approved. Their approach and their work was professional and courteous.

Our Strata Council and residents are pleased with the results and confident in
recommending Kastor Energy Ltd. as a solid and reliable supplier and experts in
their field.

– Peter on behalf of Strata Council and residents at Varsity C building

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