Our LED High Bays Are Loved

Our LED high bays are loved by the community, and we can’t blame them. This high powered low glare LED fixture is the perfect solution for any warehouse, factory, and auto shops, and so much more. The images of a local auto shop which we supplied our 150 watt LED high bays to is only using eight of them and they light up the whole area. The metal halide fixtures from before either stopped working or produced very little and low quality light (most of the light is wasted at the top rather than illuminating the ground). The lux produced with the new LED high bays in this shop is 10 times higher than what it was with metal halide. The metal halide fixtures are not only poor quality in terms of lighting, but in energy savings as well.

Before photo with Metal Halide Fixtures


After photo with LED high bays

The difference is amazing. As you can see the LED fixtures shine the light on the ground (and cars) where the every day work is being done. The metal halide fixtures waste light and have very little output. They do not cover the area which is to be lit the way LED lights do. For the Kastor Energy team it’s a no brainer, LEDs are definitely superior in every way.

It’s important to note that each space requires specific lighting, for this auto shop the best option were our 150 watt LED high bays also listed here: https://kastorenergy.com/product/led-low-glare-high-bay/

LED lighting solutions can change depending on the space and the needs of the person or team occupying the space. It may be linear lights for some, high bays for another, panel lights, or a variation of certain products. Kastor Energy is here to make sure that your lighting needs are met by proposing the most efficient solution with the greatest care. Our expertise is what allows us to offer the best LED lights with quality designs and unbeatable prices.

Stay tuned for more insight on new products, promotions, and facts about LED lights.

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