Power Consumption Basics

How much power do I use? What is the cost of my power consumption? What about my carbon footprint? To make it simple to understand, here’s an example below:

If you have a 60-watt light bulb which is only used one hour every day, you will use almost 22 KW (a measure of 1,000 watts of electrical power) every year. This translates to $2.20 per year. It also means that your light bulb creates about 24 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) in a year. It could vary based on the type of energy production systems. If you have an average of 50 of the same 60-watt light bulbs and use each one an average of three hours a day, numbers will change drastically.

Energy costs can reach as high as $330.00 every year and CO2 will rise to 3,600 pounds.
So, you see, by reducing it to a realistic consumption of 1/8, using LED lights, the cost of electricity will be about $41.25 and CO2 production will be approx. 450 pounds annually.
This will allow for constant savings per year with a less polluted environment.

The Kastor Energy team will supply you with an endless amount of resources and information to ensure saving possibilities are there to save your money and by converting to LEDs, you will help the environment and leave a better environment for future generations.

If you have any questions or need a better solution for your projects then let us know. We’re here to help your next project become a success.

Keep the earth clean,

The LED Nerd

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