Product of The Week: Pro-Grade LED High Bay

We’re starting a new segment called “Product of The Week”  where we highlight a product which we believe deserves recognition for home-owners, builders, electricians, and more!

The first product we would like to give recognition to this week is our pro-grade LED high bay! These fixtures are a huge hit! We have mechanical shops, dealerships, sports facilities, factories, and warehouses which are using these specific LED fixtures as we speak. Click here to learn more about the LED high bays. Be sure to check out our post about these specific high bays here to view these fixtures in action! Not only is this a highly efficient product, but it is also customized to suit any location. These can be ordered in different body colours, colour temperatures, wattages, and many other attributes. Be sure to drop by our showroom to view this fixture or contact us for details.

We’ll have more photos of these products in different projects and settings available very soon.

Keep the earth clean, folks!

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