How does Kastor Energy beat all rebates from Hydro companies in Canada?

Simply by working harder to get you a direct line of products and installers that are professionals in their line of work. We guarantee you will receive better performance on your lighting fixtures than anyone else out there. We’re not trying to brag, but we’ve got hundreds of happy clients with various projects which we have served.

Show us the rebate you have received from any affiliated member of hydro companies throughout Canada and leave it with us to come up with an LED lighting solution that will beat it. That is all it takes to get better savings faster and maximize your hydro bill savings for years to come.

We beat your quotation after all the saving with a minimum of 5% and the good news is, you’ll notice the savings right away and not have to wait for it to be deducted from your electricity bill in the next few months. You’ll be a part of the process every step of the way to ensure that you’re well informed with the services and products you receive, ahead of time. Transparency is the name of the game with Kastor Energy.

Please start your homework by asking yourself two simple questions:

To answer these questions, you and your team will have to determine what is the most important to do first. For example, do you want better lighting? Do you want better savings? Which areas are most important to replace or upgrade to LED lighting, first?  If you’re unsure, it’s okay. We can help you and figure out which areas, if not all, need upgrading sooner.

You can also save an additional 5% on your second lighting upgrade with Kastor Energy when the time comes to upgrade to the latest version of LED lights! We repeat the same process for you and recycle the old LED lights, free of charge.