Selecting A New Fixture For Your Parkade?

If you plan on upgrading your parkade lighting, don’t rush into it. You’ll have to do a bit of research before making a final decision, just as we do with any projects we supply our lighting to. It takes more than just changing the light fixtures. With today’s technology and smart applications, it would be more beneficial for any project to be looked at in a more detailed manner.

Consulting with the right people gives you a better understanding of what is at stake. You will learn about the longevity of products, the efficacy of products which is directly related to monthly saving and payback period, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, reducing your overall electrical load, and future expansions such as charging stations for electric cars without the need of expanding your electrical service size, etc.

You will need professionals to provide you with answers. Remember that you don’t have to sacrifice the design or look of your fixtures to achieve all the above. We can certainly help you in every single aspect.

We at Kastor Energy have access to many quality manufacturers which are in line with our priorities and the main ones being our clients and the environment. While there are a lot of different designs in the available today, below are links to many of the lighting we have sold and supplied to different projects.

A sample of such products are as follows;


Bring your project to us for a simple consultation and you will see how we can help make your project a great success!