Selecting A New Fixture For Your Warehouse?

When choosing a new lighting source for your warehouse, you will have plenty of questions to ask. Questions such as…

  • What wattage is the proper replacement for my existing light fixtures?
  • What are the right choices for colour temperature with LED?
  • Distance?
  • Angle?

For instance, if you have 400 watts MH (metal halide) installed at about 20 to 24 feet of height, the proper replacement depending on general application will be:

150 high bays with 150 lumens/watt (22500 lumens in total) with 5000K colour temp at 120-degree angle. It works for both 347V and 100-240V system voltage. Note that a higher voltage does not mean you need a higher wattage. They only have different drivers and 347V fixtures are more expensive fixtures.

If you want more light but to remain within the same power consumption, you could go with 160 Lumens/Watt (24000 lumens in total). They would definitely cost more but it is well worth it especially when more than standard 100 Watt (120 Lumens/W) is needed but 150 watt is more than you need. 18000 Lumens 150 watt vs 16000 in 100 watts.

Other important elements to look at are the colour rendering index and angle of the fixture. These options can be modified to suit the right application.

The following link is what we have in stock or we can have it custom built to suit your exact lighting needs:

The Kastor Energy team will make sure you receive the LED products you can count on.