So Why Choose LEDs?

So Why Choose LEDs?

When you want to choose lighting for your home, store, office, or other location, for what reason are you purchasing for? Is it to reduce your hydro bill? Is it to illuminate the products you are selling in store? Is it to provide a brighter atmosphere for your employees? Whatever the case may be LED lighting is the answer.

Here are some reasons as to why LEDs are the best lighting solution today:

* Customizable

* Long lasting

* Efficient

* Eco-friendly

* Durable

Let’s look at these points a bit closer…

Customizable: LEDs are more than just a light, they can be customised for any location depending on the color temperature, beam angle, wattage, and much more.

Long-lasting: Did you know that LEDs can last you for years? Did you know that they can last for at least 10 years depending on the type of fixture? Remember, any good LED product will have a five-year warranty as well.

Efficient: Throw out the inefficient and old technology of fluorescents and halogen and work with LED lights, greater brightness at lower wattage levels.

Eco-friendly: No mercury, chemicals, filaments, and other gases are present in the LED fixture. No uv rays are emitted as well.

Durable: A strong fixture with heat dissipation. The fixture housing should be made up of die-cast aluminum and tempered glass, these are what makes the LED fixture recyclable.

These are only a few of the advantages to LED lighting, we’ll follow up with some more tid-bits in our upcoming posts.

Keep clean and stay green,

The LED Nerd.