Stop Thinking and Start Saving!

Are you thinking of upgrading your traditional lighting to LED?

Well, it should be top of mind sooner rather than later. But why, you ask?

LEDs have become universally known to save energy, but it seems people are tip-toeing around the idea of making the switch. Look at the chart comparison below, the savings of LED vs traditional lighting is tremendous. LEDs are guaranteed to save 80% more energy and what does that mean to you? More pocket change my friends, you can save on that electricity bill like nobody’s business.

The savings by converting to LED form MH is at least 60%. We say “at least” because there could potentially be more savings, but it all depends on the application and usage of the LED fixture.

Whereas converting to LED from fluorescent will save at least 50% energy (graph below). That’s cutting down your consumption by half and cutting down your costs by half. Savings can be higher with motion sensors (occupancy sensors), timers, dimmers, and other add-ons.

We get these facts based on the projects we have assessed and supplied our LED lights to. Our experience allows us to understand what our client’s lighting needs are (even in they are unsure) and to recommend a proper LED lighting solution.

Are the savings on your electricity bill the only reason you should upgrade to LED? That may be the finite answer for some, but for others it would be significant to note that LEDs are energy efficient, free of UV rays, and less likely to give you headaches like those old lights do.

Now I know, a light is a light to you, but LEDs are so much more. The brilliant finish, the adjustable brightness, the even light distribution (keeping shadows to a minimum) are just a few of the advantageous elements of LED. Just look at the comparison between the indoor parking lot we supplied our fixtures to just below:

The image on the left shows the parking lot with old metal halide fixtures and some fluorescent tubes. The image on the right is of brand new LED linear fixtures. This is a before and after of the same parking lot we provided our superior fixtures to in Vancouver. If you see shadows on the right it’s mostly because of the parked cars. This specific parking lot had very poor lighting and we believe that increasing their visibility underground is of greater significance than the energy savings in that moment. But of course, you can count on LED to do three wondrous things:

  • Reduce electricity costs
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Provide beautiful and even light

LEDs are directional lights and engineered to create an open space with minimal shadows and to illuminate any dark spots with the right fixture and application. We know that making a change in your work space, business, or home may seem like a long procedure, but it’s much simpler than you could imagine. So, I hope this article makes you think hard about your lighting choices. At least you can receive a positive ROI with LEDs, but can you say the same about your lavish couch?

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