The LED Lighting Difference

We’ve got another quick snapshot by one of our technical consultants at another retrofit project in Langley, B.C. Click the “Learn More” button below to view the comparison between the 4100K Fluorescent tubes and 5000K LED tubes! The purpose of LED is to create a greater lighting environment with a combination of cost and energy-savings. The 4100K color temperature is not recommended for any parking lot whether indoors or outdoors. Note: the picture on the left is from Building A at the complex and the picture on the right is from Building B after the LED lighting upgrade.

The distribution of light from the LED tubes is much clearer and more concentrated with comparison to the fluorescent tubes.

p.s Excuse the photo-taking skills – Our technical consultants aren’t trained for quality photos, but they are trained for quality workmanship and service.

Keep the earth clean,

The LED Nerd

Quality LED lighting provided by the Kastor Energy team in Vancouver, B.C

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