Your Lights Can Give A Great Return

When you look at your light do you think much of it? No, I’m pretty sure you don’t but I hope by the end of this article you’ll look at your lighting in your home, office, workspace, or project as something much more. Our price-conscious minds tend to leave light purchases at the end of our budget list, where most of the money is already used up for other stuff, but this needs to change especially since you can actually save money with efficient lighting whereas your new ensemble from your favorite store isn’t going to give you any returns (besides the nice compliments, but we’re talking dollar value here).

I’m not trying to promote anything here, I’m stating a fact. My colleagues and I deal with many different clients who come to us for their lighting needs and sometimes their first worry is the amount they’ll have to spend to upgrade to LED lighting. Well, I’m here to explain how you can save and how you can be sure to make the right purchase. But before this, let’s understand why proper lighting is significant in your every day life.

So, you look at your space and think, “Well all I need is something bright and looks good,” but lighting is much more than that. You’re going to need to understand what areas you want to light up, what color temperature you need, and what designs will give you even greater efficiency (motion sensors, photocells, and much more). A lot of clients we deal with are amazed at how much lighting knowledge we can give them in order to make the right decision. Rather than seeing the light for what it is, they see it for so much more.

Now, let’s get to your most desired part of the article: energy savings which in turn lead to cost savings. Bottom line, we all know LED lights give savings, but to what extent? Here’s an example, one of the projects we worked on two years ago upgraded all their common area lighting to LED (parking lots, hallways, storage rooms, mechanical rooms, elevator lobbies, stairwells, and more) and our expectation was for their project to achieve their ROI (Return Of Investment) in 24 months, but they actually achieve it within 19 months. We played our calculations safe of course, but their new LED lights allowed for lower hydro bills per month and thus they did not have to increase their monthly strata fees for two years. Each project is different, but the key is using LED lights that give you the exact brightness the space requires (not the people in the room) and using the most efficient top-notch products in the market. This doesn’t mean that it has to be a brand name for it to be the most efficient light, but just ask your lighting experts about the specifications and get them to describe and define the lighting for a clear understanding.

Now, I don’t want to bore you with a long article of how LED lights are the best solution for lighting today, it’s evident that they are. What I want you the reader to understand is that your lighting is a huge part of your life, it needs to be healthy, efficient, and useful for you. Don’t forget that when it comes to lighting you need to speak with professionals who can help create a lighting solution specifically tailored to your lighting needs. A lot of people make the mistake and think that using a 400 watt LED in replacement of a 400W MH bulb is the answer, but that is absolutely wrong. LEDs are designed for efficiency, you can replace that same 400 Watt MH bulb with a 150-200 Watt (depending on the space) LED fixture.

So, before you spend your money or time on something that won’t give back to you then try LED lights. These are guaranteed to give you a return, you just have to make sure you know what you’re getting.

Thanks for reading,

The LED Nerd

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